JD Twin Towers

JD Towers, the New Administrative Capital represents an architectural icon with multiple characteristics and uses, with an Emirate Egyptian integrated intelligence constructing a mixed-used building to provide ingenious and smart solutions for owners of commercial, administrative and medical activities.

JD Twin Towers are being constructed on 7,400 square meters where the built-up area represents only 30% of the total area which is 26354 square meters.

JD twin towers consist of seventeen floors, starting with two underground floors, towers' garages and a ground floor, in addition to fourteen floors. In the following order:

  • The ground floor is a commercial .
  • From the second floor to the fourteenth is medical and administrative units and food court.

JD twin towers are also equipped with Drive Thru stores and kiosk on the commercial ground floor..

JD Towers location in the New Administrative Capital

Perhaps the most remarkable thing to talk about when mentioning the project location is that it is in the new administrative capital  downtown area, which represents a gigantic national project, the state itself is serving it and monitoring construction rates in, so that the administrative capital rises sooner. The project is located on the main road, the Green River and near Bin Zayed axis, one of the strategic goals of JD Holding were to start its first project after the partnership with a huge project that serves the national economy.

The New Administrative Capital has many promising investment opportunities attracting all local and foreign investors, and the start of government’s relocation during the first half of 2021 will contribute to increase the attractiveness of the city, in addition to the projects surrounding the government district.

JD Twin Towers is suited in the prime location within the New Administrative Capital Downtown (MU5 22 + MU5 23) by which it is overlooking the green river, two green areas with 40 meters width and the largest tourist walkway in Downtown

Multi-storey building details and services

The latest international designs have been adopted for the JD twin towers, as the building has a luxurious iconic design that extends over an area of ​​7,400 square meters.


JD Twin Towers consist of:

Two basement floors, which are garage + commercial ground floor, 14 upper floors that include commercial, administrative and medical activities.

The basement (two floors):  a garage for the towers to serve customers as it stretches for entire area of ​​the building with electronic gates and surveillance cameras.

Ground floor: It is reserved for commercial activities, Kiosks Drive Thru and Kiosks

The first and second floors: They are designated for entertainment activities and public services, as they have a restaurant area and Dinning Balcony lounge with a wonderful view of Al Masa Hotel and the green area.

Floor 3: 7: 11: It is dedicated to medical activity and medical clinics with the highest equipment and spaces that suit all types of clinics and specialties.

Floors 4: 6, 8:10 and 12:14: They are dedicated to administrative activities and luxurious offices with spaces and designs that suit all administrative activities with a panoramic view of the Al Masa Hotel and the green areas.

The JD twin towers were designed from the inside in a genius way that takes into account the spaces to suit the different needs and requirements of commercial, administrative and medical activities.

The spaces range from:

Ground floor: 26 m to 65 m

Upper floors: 40 to 165 m

Drive Thru: 26 m to 60 m

Kiosk: 10 m to 45 m

Offices: 30 m to 102m

Clinics: 80 m

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